Comic 60 - Neglected Holiday Figure 9: Ded Moroz

23rd Dec 2016, 12:00 AM in Extras
Neglected Holiday Figure 9: Ded Moroz
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melaredblu 23rd Dec 2016, 12:00 AM edit delete
With all the Santa-like characters out there, you might wonder how this one stands out. For this particular character, I asked Vas Littlecrow, an expert on Slavic history and culture, for some background information. I'm going to share what I learned here:

"Ded Moroz, or Grandfather Frost, has a granddaughter, Snegurochka that assists him with the gift delivery, who rides with him on a three-horse sled with a fir in back. He is tall and slender, unlike Santa Claus, and traditionally they both wear light blue with white trim, although nowadays Ded Moroz now wears red like Santa Claus. I believe that he is the Father of Morozko, or Father Frost -- who is similar to his father, except somewhat demonic and more morally ambiguous and not always benevolent. Morozko has a separate history that predates Christianity, while Ded Moroz is the result of Orthodox influence. Ded Moroz lives in Veliky Ustyug, where apparently a lot of Russia kids send their letters and make a pilgrimage to. He has a magical staff, and he enters into people's houses through the front door."

Vas is the creator of Rasputin Catamite. The comic is NSFW and currently only available in print or as an ebook, but it's well-written and compelling.
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